Mob at Middlebury college attacks speaker Charles Murray, injures his host — Why Evolution Is True

Charles Murray is a conservative political scientist and author, perhaps most famous for his book The Bell Curve, co-written with Richard Herrnstein. I confess that I haven’t read it, but I’ve certainly read enough to about it to know that Murray and Herrnstein’s hereditarian views of IQ have been strongly attacked by some other scholars, largely […]

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2,000 — BeaFree

As of yesterday, I have reached 2,000 followers!!!!! Can you believe it because I sure cannot!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the big “Congratulations You’ve Reached 2,000 Followers” from WordPress but that is taking far too long so I thought I’d type this up quickly and eventually share the imagine when they send it […]

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Aki’s Complex Relationship with Wind — Walking with Aki

The wind beat Aki and I to the Gastineau Meadows. After morning sunlight reached the ice field but before we left Chicken Ridge, it rushed over the summits of Roberts, Sheep and Juneau mountains and down the creek valleys that separate them. After whipping up the waters of Gastineau Channel, the wind climbed the gentle foothills […]

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Or victim, depending on which Wikipedia page you read. Whichever is was, Pyrene, daughter of King Bebrysius, was impregnated by Hercules and gave birth to a snake. Understandably embarrassed, the distraught Pyrene fled into the forest and died there. Hercules, coming back from one of his Labours, found her remains and either built a tomb […]

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We departed Monaco, and headed south along the French Riviera (that sounds awful doesn’t it?), to our next destination to spend a few days soaking up the sun. We drive the coast road winding the lovely villages of St Raphael, and explored Cap Ferrat, and St Maxime. We took our time, exploring the headlands and backstreets […]

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“Морето, след като го хвърля на правописа, притежава един в нетната си на чудно завинаги.” ~ Жак Ив Кусто “Седни в унес, и да гледате на променящите цвета на вълните, които разграждат при празен ход брега на ума” ~ Хенри Уодсуърт Лонгфелоу […]

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